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Fraudulent Taxation Lodgement

My ex has declared Im a beneficiary to property and rental to which I'm not, in essence lowering his taxation in a desperate bid to lower or cease his child support. It has worked. However, it is a fraudulent and false taxation lodgement. I have managed to find an accountant who did my tax, as Im solely on centrelink benifits which prove that the ex's is fraudulent. What can be done in FCC proceedings? This is simply continued family violence in a financial abuse perspective. I have the two seperate issues.......Child Support is now wrong assesment ( but they only go on tax lodgement) and the financial abuse side. Claiming I have benefited when I havent. I want to bring it to the Judges attention, It is already in Affidavit, I want JUSTICE and I want him ACCOUNTABLE. :( ATO are dragging their feet ........for years........

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  • Cameron McKenzie There is a bit of yes and no here. A person may have a legal interest in real property through being on the title.

    Whilst a person in a domestic relationship not on the title could have an equitable and caveatable interest in the property.

    In family law proceedings having such an affidavit from the other party would be gold in proving an interest in property.

    Gayle Li 
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    • Mario Robles Do you have the proof? I.e. solid proof... Lodge a formal complaint to CSA and one to ATO in writing... For now.
      Then seek legal advise...

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