Comment to 'Application of Child to Undergo Administration of Testosterone Opposed by Father'
  • Interesting read.  I have often wondered how does a young trans person afford gender re-assignment psychology, drugs and surgery?  Can the court force the Respondent father to co-pay with the Applicant Mother for medical interventions he objects to that are not fully covered by Medicare?  (see below)

    Many of these costs are covered by Medicare as long as you have a referral. You can check which procedures are covered by Medicare at MBS Online. However, because the surgery is usually performed privately in Australia, you can expect to pay a gap (when the doctor charges more than Medicare pays).

    'Transition Regret' is understated or overstated, depending on the article you happen to land on - I wonder if the state (Medicare) also cover 'detransition' expenses...if so this might be an accurate way to gauge minimum percentage of 'Transition Regret' people...

    If a child transitions and later detransitions - and the objecting parent (in this case the father) is financially disadvantaged by an order of the court, for the child's medical bills, is there an avenue for him to sue or attain compensation?

    Anyone familiar with this space?!?

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    • I am not familiar with this space but I know people in the broader community are concerned, as the father here seems to be, that "fixing" a young person's litany of mental health concerns (P17) by aiding them to transition to another sex will only make things worse when life's challenges are still there on the other side of the fence.

      Probably the one statement that was key to Justice Aldridge's decision was Psychiatrist Dr B. saying the treatment is "clinically indicated to improve physical, psychological and social well being."

      Since so much hangs on that one statement, I would have thought it was prudent to explore it more fully. I guess judges are busy.

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