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Research regarding the impacts of divorce/separation on mental health outcomes.



My name is Kirsten,

I am a part of a research program at the Univeristy of Wollongong, Australia that is looking at the mental health outcomes of divorce within Australia.

Currently, there is limited data and research on the impacts of divorce of mental health outcomes, especially looking at family court experiences. We are particularly interested in the mental health outcomes for women. We are exploring the unique and lived experiences of those who have experienced, or currently experiencing divorce or separation within Australia. as a research team, we are exploring the impacts of child custody, financial strain, history of domestic violence, perceived social support and experiences within the family court system, and how they can impact the mental health outcomes of these individuals. 

To do this we have developed an online survey. We are trying to recruit women who are either in the process of their divorce or the divorce has been finalised within the last decade. However, we are happy to hear about everyone who has been divorced previously.

We really need help with recruitment and to get in contact with separated or divorced women. If you or you know anyone would we be interested to expressed their experience, please feel free to share. 

The survey is anonymous and will take 10-20 minutes to complete. I am happy to discuss this further if anyone has further questions. 

The survey can be found through the link bellow: 


Thank you. 

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