Parenting Orders
Seeking feedback on Family Report Writer Sue Connor (Psychologist), in Canberra. Thanks in advance.
by Mama Extraordinaire
Glen Davis As an ex cop, threaten him with an AVO. As soon as the application is in, he loses his gu…
by Australian Paralegal Foundation
At this stage FLAST can not make direct recommendations for a clinical psychologist or report writer…
by FLAST Pty Ltd
 i am wanting to know as my ex does not want me to see my child and has moved before she gave birth …
by Anonymous
Thank you for your advice I have taken her to court for a DNA test and after refusing for 6 hrs on t…
by Anonymous
Unfortunately there are no parenting orders in place as yet, but am working on that.  Is a good poin…
by Anon2560
Brad Hill, my orders state that the child is to be picked up at 12 noon Sunday by the OP and I am to…
by Strongmumma
VIA Elisabeth HA member of the Australian Paralegal Foundation. If you want parenting orders made wh…
by Australian Paralegal Foundation
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