Comment to 'Caveat Warning (Probate)'
  • Can of worms....... ex ran our business post separation without me (shut me out completely). Im a director. he ran it under another 2 different abns. Same business, clients, assets, suppliers, employees. This is what is called, my friends "PHOENIX TRADING". when i found it, he'd change the abn. the 3rd abn was put under his mothers name.........Thats where I believe i have claim, as well as the transfer of our marital assets to her. This is all in my  affidavits in FCC. This is all very confusing for me. and with 4 full folders of evidence, I have no money to pay a lawyer to catch up and read, and then risk to double up on everything thats been done already in the past 4 yrs. Lets add 2 false taxation lodgements by him, sighting me as beneficiary to this property that was in his mothers name that he was claiming off his tax for 10 years.........

    Thankyou so much for taking the time to respond Cameron. I will read and re read your comment to find some direction in this crazy court journey im on. 

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