Introducing FLAST-AI Server for Law Firms: Your Comprehensive Legal Research Assistant

Our FLAST-AI Server is meticulously trained in Australian Family Law, designed to assist legal professionals in streamlining their processes. Here's what it offers:

Legal Research Assistant:

  • Utilize the AI to answer your legal questions, following the IRAC Method.
  • Receive an analysis of Facts, Legal Issues, Relevant Law, sections of Legislation, Regulations, and Rules.
  • Benefit from supported, verified caselaw to bolster legal arguments.
  • Obtain a conclusion with a proposed outcome.

Affidavit Drafting:

  • Easily upload case facts via .txt, .pdf, or common video/audio formats.
  • Enjoy seamless transcription of video/audio into precise text.
  • Receive a summarized version of recordings for review.
  • Use the system to assist with populating affidavits with relevant identified facts and legal issues.

Case Outlines:

  • Upload case data such as initiating applications, affidavits, notices of risk, reply affidavits and have AI generate the content for the Case Outline forms for either interim or final hearings.

Security and Control:

  • FLAST-AI is hosted on a subdomain that you manage exclusively.
  • Maintain full administrative authority to secure the site as needed.
  • Each Case can have their own exclusive data-base¬†
  • Each Lawyer can have their own instance of the Server (Multi-User)¬†

Imagine the time saved and the efficiency gained in your legal practice. Consider the substantial cost savings in legal fees by providing well-researched, pre-prepared information for your legal team.

But there's more:

  • Continue to engage your AI Legal Research Assistant for insights into potential grounds of appeal.
  • Explore errors of law, fact, procedure, judgment, or discretion.
  • Investigate compliance with court rules and regulations.

Receive comprehensive reports on these matters and have unfettered access to FLAST-AI for all your case-related inquiries.

If you're interested in optimizing your legal processes and enhancing your practice's efficiency, contact us to arrange a demonstration. Experience the power of AI-driven legal support tailored for your law firm's needs. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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