The FLAST-AI Legal Research Assistant has been custom trained on Australian Family Law.

You can use it to ask it Legal Questions as a Legal Research Assistant and it will provide you using IRAC Method an analysis of the Facts, the Legal Issues, the Relevant Law, relevant sections of Legislation, Regulations and Rules that apply, an Analysis with supporting verified caselaw to support the position it is arguing and a conclusion with a proposed outcome.

You can use it at Law Firm Level, Legal Practitioner Level; or Self-Represented Litigant Level.

It can assist with Affidavit Drafting, you can upload data of the facts of the case with .txt or .pdf format documents or video/audio recordings in the major formats for analysis and extraction of text, transcribing video and/or audio recordings into precise text and creating a summary of the recording for you to review.

Once the data is there the system will populate the affidavit with the relevant facts it has identified and the issues of law involved.

The Lawyer can then go through the pre-populated affidavit draft just going over the facts and their version of events as would a self represented litigant have opportunity to explain the events in the recording and documented in the case file.

This is ready to go now. If you are interested in the above contact us to arrange a demonstration. This is hosted on a subdomain that you control, only you have access to the data you populate the AI Legal Researcher with.

This means it is secure and you have complete admin authority to secure the site to any degree you see fit.

Think about the amount of time this will save you.

If you are not-self represented think about the tens of thousands in legal fees you could save if you could provide all the above on a silver platter for your lawyers to digest in a legal format they can understand that this is well researched.

It doesn't end there, you can continue to quiz and probe your AI Legal Research assistant to look for :

The output from the FLAST-AI Server when analyzing the data from your case will inform us on the potential grounds of appeal and can include any of the following matters:

errors of law;
errors of fact;
errors of procedure;
errors of judgment;
errors in the exercise of discretion; or
any other matter that is the subject of dispute.

In relation to the Rule of Court, the grounds of appeal include any of the following matters:

the primary judge failed to take into account relevant considerations;
the primary judge took into account irrelevant considerations;
the primary judge made an error in the exercise of discretion;
the primary judge failed to exercise discretion when required;
the primary judge failed to give reasons;
the primary judge failed to comply with the rules of evidence;
the primary judge failed to identify an issue or make a finding on an issue;
the primary judge failed to address a legal argument;
the primary judge made an error in the interpretation of a statute or other legislation; and
any other ground of appeal that the parties agree to.

This will then allow a report to be produced with the above information in detail. You will also have your own access to the FLAST-AI server which you will be able to quiz on any issue related to your case.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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