Trial Brief

This service by FLAST will give you a paralegal to work and collaborate with in preparation of a full trial case brief which you can use in preparation for trial.

The paralegal will be allocated to work directly with you and your client collaborating on the content in preparing the brief.  This service is available for Law firms, Lawyers and Self Represented litigants with a goal to produce a well prepared brief for your lawyer or barrister to use to be able to look at your case at a glance and know the Facts of the Case, the Issues involved, the Relevant Rules that apply, the application of the facts, issues and rule to the law and a conclusion of what you are seeking.

Each brief will generally contain a cover page, and index, the digest of the case and copies of all documentation, letters, pleadings, reports, evidence and affidavits along with a list of documents cross-indexed by reference to pages in the brief.

If you need company and business name search results and subpoenaed records, with a summary if they are too voluminous.

The front cover-sheet will contain information such as the identity of the client, the court in which the matter is proceeding, the date the matter is listed, the identity of the instructing solicitor and details of what needs to be done.

The paralegal will work directly with you for 5 days for 4 hours per day, a total of 20 hours.  

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