Conveyancing Packages: New Home New Life

As part of many family law property settlements, property may need to change hands. Property may pass from one partner to the other, be sold, or new property bought. If you have any conveyancing concerns, Van Beveren Lawyers provide a complete fixed fee conveyancing service (plus disbursements) where we review contracts and add special provisions free of additional charge. 


What's included:

  • Unlimited Pre-signing Review of Contracts
  • Drafting of up to 5 Special Conditions
  • Solicitor Handling your Purchase
  • Principal Supervising your Purchase
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Special Water Meter Reading
  • Bank Cheques at Settlement

Our quote is for whole conveyancing process, our time and expertise. Property transfers can be done entirely online via phone, post and online. There’s no need for you to come into the office. Please note that disbursements will be invoiced separately once advised. 

Additional Services
These are additional services not included in the conveyancing package that you may request:

  • Property Consent Orders
  • Mortgage negotiation
  • General Power of Attorney drafting / review
  • Deed of Rescission / Variation drafting / review
  • Caveat Lodgement
  • Licence Agreement drafting / review
  • Land Contract Review – Off-the-Plan property

As an expert team of dedicated professionals we aim to provide a friendly, family atmosphere with a reputation for timely, personalised service. Based in Geelong, practising Australia wide. 

Reach out to us via phone or email today. or 0429 312 986 to see if this service is a fit for you. 

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