Advanced Mentoring Program

Advanced Mentoring Program.

Enhance your Family Law journey with our personalized mentorship program.

Envision having a mentor at your side seven days a week, ready to provide help and support whenever you need it. Our advanced mentor program offers this personalized assistance for six months, all for less than $75 a week.

You'll be paired with a dedicated mentor, well-versed in Family Law, ready to offer both emotional and strategic support whenever you need it. Whether it's dealing with sudden incidents, crafting responses, or preparing information for your lawyer, your mentor is just a phone call or message away.

Your mentor, as a nationally accredited mediator, focuses on utilizing alternative dispute resolution techniques. These strategies aim to narrow the scope of your dispute and de-escalate conflict, fostering a more constructive and peaceful approach to resolving your Family Law matters.

Additionally, your mentor is proficiently trained in the FLAST-AI system, ensuring that you fully benefit from the FLAST-AI Family Law system's capabilities. This training equips them to guide you effectively, leveraging advanced tools and insights to enhance your legal journey and support your specific needs within the framework of family law.

For self-represented clients, there's even the option to integrate a lawyer into your support team for additional guidance. Embrace a more informed, supported, and strategic approach to navigating your Family Law case.

Embrace this opportunity for continual guidance and that helping hand through this journey.

Enroll now and start benefiting from dedicated support tailored to your needs.

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