Advanced Mentoring Program

Advanced Mentoring Program.

This program provides you a dedicated mentor who is experienced in Family Law matters to help guide and assist you in preparing for your case. 

This is a person that you can contact any time an event occurs (such as issues that arise with the other party, incidents that occur, responses to correspondence etc) where you can seek support both in terms of emotional support and also in terms of strategic support where we work with you to help give guidance in your responses.  If you have a Lawyer already we are happy to help you to prepare information for your lawyer. 

Your primary mentor will be available for phone contact as well as online communication and will work with you as needed (subject to fair use) and that person will have the aid of a nationally accredited mediator to support you.

What that means is the mentor will help you identify issues and provide counseling and will brief your FLAST team each week with your progress, where needed the mentor can consult with the Mediator or if you are self represented, we can optionally add a Lawyer to your team to provide ad-hoc support as part of your support team.

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