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Welcome to FLAST

This site is a support and information service for those interested in discussions and information on Australian Family Law.

FLAST produces a daily digest of cases coming out of the Family Law Courts in Australia so you can keep your finger on the pulse of the Court and keep your knowledge up to date.

Enjoy the regular updates on various recent cases of interest coming through the family law courts and an analysis of those cases so you can get a feel of what to expect from the courts and examine cases with similar facts to your own.

Members with Family Law matters get to interact with Lawyers as they discuss decisions in the Court Digests and issues raised in the #Discussion forum.

Regular webinars and workshops will commence according to demand with expert guest speakers in various areas eg: Family Violence, Parental Alienation or it might be a legal professional speaking on various issues.

We also intend to run based on demand group training programs to help people self-educate and navigate their way through the legal minefield and provide you with information that you need to prepare for your case.

Best of all you can start with a FREE membership which gives you limited access to the FLAST Network and can upgrade any time should you feel the need.



Have your law Firms own presence as an registered Family Law Specialist with its own professional profile.

Ability to offer products and services directly from FLAST to clients such as legal services, affidavit drafting services, consent order drafting etc.

Unlimited Profiles for Legal Staff of Organisation (each lawyer can have their own profile under the Organsation).

Ability for the Firm and its lawyers to directly interact with members who have current legal matters.


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