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  • Reading section 10 of the judge's comments I am reminded of the adage 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'  .......children from functioning two parent families are, I'd suggest, "our country's most important asset" - those children whom make good (break the cycle) from single parent households are the fortunate minority.  Good law, thoughtful law gives due consideration to process, cost, equity, time and creates natural disincentives that would do violence to civil society.  (As an aside I am not convinced that the ALRC's Family Law System 2019 recommendations to the Attorney General give due consideration to 'prevention' but rather favour 'cure'.)


    10. The millions of dollars routinely wasted by governments of all persuasions on endless enquiries and royal commissions into child safety could actually make a real difference if redirected to the lives of these forgotten children. Children are this country’s most important asset yet the courts and front line services such as the variously named Departments of Child Safety and Police, charged with trying to protect them, are simply starved of sufficient funds to make a difference. Foster carers are few and far between and time and time again parents are afforded second chances at the expense of their children

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